154 - 09/00 - Alteration of Port Survey Documents


In the port of Jeddah the stevedores require the vessel to sign an official document entitled JEDDAH ISLAMIC PORT SURVEY REPORT.This document is used to record what damage is observed prior to discharge, to release the stevedores of any liability for damage to the cargo mentioned on this report.We have recently heard allegations -which remain unproven- to the effect that whereas the vessel signed for a specific number of pieces, bags, etc., this number has subsequently been increased on the report. It has been alleged for example, that whereas the vessel signed for 4 damaged pieces, a 3 has been added before the 4 to make the figure read 34. Furthermore it has been alleged that blank space in the report has been filled in with damaged items at a later stage.Therefore, we would like to make the following recommendations for completion of this document at the port of Jeddah:1) 

Delegate one person only to sign and stamp these documents, to avoid duplicates being created. Give the rest of the crew clear instructions that they are not to sign these survey reports/bad order reports.

Advise the stevedore foreman that only one person is authorised to sign and that he will sign all documents at the end of the shift.If the number of pieces, bags, bundles etc., is recorded on the report in figures, write the number in words underneath the figure, to prevent 4 becoming 14 etc.Score out any blank space to prevent items being added, and write at the bottom of the report "we acknowledge that the total number of pieces/bags/bundles etc., is ... and write the amount in words.GET A COPY OF THE DOCUMENT YOU SIGN.

Source of information: P Whitehouse (J1)


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