155 - 09/00 - Yellow fever certificates in Brazil


We refer to bulletins  9 – 7/97 and 35 – 2/98 and would remind owners that the lack of Yellow fever certificates is still an issue.

A tanker calling at Sao Sebastiao recently was inspected by the local health authority. Officials found that all 32 crewmembers were without the necessary yellow fever vaccination certificates, and notices of infringement were issued against the agent and the ship accordingly. The fine against the ship for each infraction may be between USD1,000 and USD11,000.The potential fine could be between USD32,000 - USD352,000.

Local regulations (Resolution 2 of February 2000 and Ordinance 48) require that crewmembers on ships arriving from certain geographic areas must have a valid certificate to evidence vaccination against yellow fever.

The Club is investigating what possibilities are available to owners to appeal against these fines. In the meantime, we would advise any Members with ships trading to Brazil to ensure that the crew have valid certification to prove vaccination against yellow fever. Members should also check with their local agents to clarify the situation before arrival at Brazillian ports.

Source of Information :

C Dent ( L5 ) through Claims Focus Meeting


Staff Author