158 - 09/00 - Evidence of P&I Cover Requirements - Nigeria


As a part of a new initiative designed to eliminate malpractice, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has released a memorandum addressed to all shipping agents requiring them to furnish the NPA with details of P&I insurance cover for each ship entering Nigerian ports. The effective date of this legislation is 1st October 2000.This new regulation has been introduced in an effort to drive away poorly maintained vessels from Nigerian ports. The job of co-ordinating the implementation of the new regulation has been given to the Chief Port Harbour 

Master, who has stated that the agents must obtain proof of P&I cover from a vessel when she arrives in port. This is in addition to all other documents which an agent prepares prior to the vessel berthing.

The Association's correspondent advises that they expect a copy of each ship's certificate of entry will suffice to meet the new requirement.No doubt members will hear from their local agents accordingly.Source of Information : 

Pandiship Ltd (London)

through J Barrett (Correspondent Manager)

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