169 - 12/00 - Pre-Loading Survey Practices in Novorossiysk Port - Russia

Members should be aware of the following practices brought to our attention by a 

source in the port of Novorossiysk.

Taking pictures is allowed only on board ship. Persons caught taking pictures in the port premises will be prosecuted and can be denied further access. If permission to take pictures is granted, a second set of pictures must be sent to the Port Administration.


Surveyors will be allowed to perform pre-loading inspections only on written permission of the shippers/cargo owners, which is to be presented to the Port Administration/forwarding company. If permission is granted, the pre-loading cargo inspections will be carried out in the presence of a representative of the Port Administration. Persons being caught performing "unauthorized" cargo inspections in the port premises will be prosecuted and may be denied future access.


If the Port Administration disagrees with remarks made by a surveyor to the master of a ship, the complete cargo will be discharged and checked by an "independent surveyor" to determine whether the surveyor's remarks are reasonable or not. If delays are caused the surveyor will be held liable.

Members should advise masters to take particular care in establishing the condition of all cargoes - and in particular steel cargoes - being loaded at the port of Novorossiysk. 

Mates receipts should be properly claused and photographic evidence obtained to verify any discrepancies.

We would refer members to Bulletin 12 8/97 which was also related to steel cargo problems in the port.Source of information : External vis Loss Prevention Dept


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