178 - 03/01 - Fines Due To Non-Declaration of Bunkers - Argentina

We have been advised by the Club's correspondents in Buenos Aires, of a number of incidents which have recently led to customs penalties in Argentina. These incidents concern inaccurate declarations of 


When a vessel is cleared in Argentina by the customs authorities on arrival, the bunkers on board are required to be declared in the ship's Store List. Lack of declaration or any inaccuracies will constitute 

" prima facie" an infringement of customs regulations. Although it is not clear yet under which section of the Customs Code this infringement will be framed, the penalty could amount up to twice the "market" value of the non declared goods or 1 to 5 times the value of the duty payable.

As these penalties could be high we would recommend Members advise their crews to be particularly careful when declaring HFO, MDO and LO quantities at Argentinian ports. 

Care should also be taken to ensure that any duplicates of the Stores List left on board correspond to the original given to the authorities.

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