185 - 04/01 - Enhanced PSC Inspection (April to July 2001) - GMDSS - Australia

In December 2000 the Australian Maritime Safety Authority implemented an enhanced inspection regime both within the current Port State Control frame work and on unscheduled visits. The program - to last two years - is to focus on six specific areas highlighted by the AMSA as areas of concern. The focus of this enhanced inspection will change every four months.

We understand the second part of this program was scheduled to start at the beginning of April and will focus on Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS). This inspection will examine operations aspects of the GMDSS relating to

1) Appropriate provisions on board to support operation of the system

2) Understanding of operating procedures particularly in relation to the initiation of a distress alert and the actions to be taken on receiving a distress alert

3) The ability of qualified members of the crew to use the equipment; and

4) The qualifications of the operators

This phase of the program will last between 1


April 2001 until 31


July 2001.

Source of information:

Australian Maritime Safety Authority


Staff Author