196 - 07/01 - Ban on Flags of Convenience - United Arab Emirates

The UAE Cabinet has decided that vessels flying the flags of certain countries are to be banned from UAE Ports, its territorial waters (up to 12 nautical miles) and the Economic Zone (up to 200 nautical miles) as part of the effort to prevent maritime pollution. However, this only applies to ships not carrying valid classification certificates issued by IACS member classification societies.

The countries named are:

Albania, Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, Comoros Islands, Georgia, Honduras, Maldives, Mauritius, Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Government authorities will be authorised to seize ships violating the ban and to take whatever action they may deem appropriate. This is thought to mean that such ships may be auctioned, the buyer then having to arrange for the scrapping of the vessel.

The new rule is due to be implemented one month following official publication and it is unlikely that it will be implemented before the end of July 2001.

Source: Club Correspondent

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