203 - 08/01 - Pilots' strike at the Port of St Petersburg


A pilots' strike has been declared at St Petersburg by the Maritime Pilot Corporation and took effect from 7th August. This has been caused by a long term dispute between the Pilot Corporation and the State authorities and there is currently no indication of when the strike is likely to end. Some vessels have already been delayed. Any members who have vessels calling at St Petersburg are recommended to instruct their local agents:

1 To apply to the St Petersburg port authorities for pilotage in accordance with Clauses 1.6 and 2.3.4. of the Bye-Laws of the Sea Port of St. Petersburg;

2 To simultaneously apply for pilotage direct to the St Petersburg Maritime Pilots Corporation;

3 If either of the above refuses to accept the application or fails to take appropriate action, Letters of Protest should be issued and handed to both of them holding them responsible for the vessel's delay:

- the Maritime Administration of the Port of St. Petersburg, because they have failed to meet the instructions set out in Clause 2 of Resolution No. 1299 of the Government of Russian Federation dated 17 December 1993;

- the St. Petersburg Maritime Pilots Corporation for violating their contractual obligations, and to warn them about their responsibility for losses incurred by the owner.

Source of Information: Jurinbalt Ltd, St Petersburg (Club correspondent)


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