240 - 03/02 - Carriage of Damar Batu - Indonesia/India

An interesting new trend has come to light with a number of claims arising in India due to damaged consignments of Damar Batu.Damar Batu is a hard, brown/black resinous substance exuded (or sweated out) from a variety of Damar trees found 

mainly in Indonesia. Damar Batu is also found in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Burma and Thailand and is used in the manufacture of some paints, varnishes and lacquers, although this use has been reduced with the increased use of synthetic materials in the manufacturing process.

The quality of Damar Batu is determined by the size of the pieces of resin - the larger the pieces within a bag (and the correspondingly small amount of dust), the higher the quality.Bags of Damar Batu are stuffed into 20' FCL containers for shipment. The highest incidence of damage claims relates to "burnt" Damar. It appears that these containers are subject to heating due to being exposed to sunlight, resulting in heating/melting/burning of the goods inside.There is no record of where this damage occurs - whether it be in the exporting country, on board ship, or in the importing country.Shippers may like to consider utilising insulated containers, specifying under-deck stowage or somehow insulating the goods prior to stuffing.

Source of Information:

Ranjit K Banerjee, Pandi Correspondents Pvt Ltd, Kolkata




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