267 - 10/02 - Contingency Plan Regulations for Non Tank Vessels - California - USA


Many Members will have heard from their spill managers that the California contingency plan regulations regarding salvage, firefighting and emergency lightering requirements for non-tank vessels trading to the State will become effective on 28 Oct. 2002.

The main feature of the requirements is for the plan holder to sign a contract with a salvage company which has the appropriate expertise and available equipment to respond within the required time frame. The California Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) announced on 20th September 2002 that they would accept the alternative of a Letter of Intent, signed by the salvage, firefighting and emergency lightering service provider, as evidence of compliance with their Non-tank Vessel Contingency Plan (C-Plan) regulations. A copy of the Letter of Intent or Contract must be submitted to OSPR for each Contingency Plan.

There are four salvors which provide the services as required by the regulations. Their fee schedules and their contact details are listed as below:

Company: Resolve Marine Group (RMG)

Contact: Joseph Farrell

Phone: 1 954 764 8700

Fax: 1 954 764 8724

Website: www.resolvemarinegroup.com

Company: Marine Response Alliance

Contact: Jeff Taylor

Phone: 1 206 443 7808

Fax: 1 206 443 8026

Website: www.marineresponsealliance.com

Company: National Fire & Salvage Team

Contact: Scott Powell

Phone: 1 281 288 5200

Fax: 1 281 528 6400

Website: www.foss.com/what/N-FAST

Company: Donjon Marine

Contact: John L. Witte, Jr.

Phone: 1 908 353 2600

Fax: 1 908 353 2710

Website: www.donjon.com

Salvage Company Vessel Type 2003 Annual Fee

Donjon Marine

Tank Ships $475/vsl/yr

Tank Barges $225/vsl/yr

Non-tank ships


National Fire & Salvage Team (N-FAST)

Tank Ships $400/vsl/yr

Tank Barge $300/vsl/yr

Non-tank ships


Marine Response Alliance (MRA)

Tank Ships $500/vsl/yr

Tank Barges $300/vsl/yr

Non-tank ships


Resolve Marine Group (RMG)

Tank Ships $300/vsl/yr

Tank Barges $200/vsl/yr

Non-tank ships

$100/vsl/yr (no fee for 2002)

Members with non-tank vessels trading to California should therefore liaise with their spill manager to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made with a chosen salvage company to comply with the new requirements of the California law.

Source of information: Dr Chao Wu (New Jersey office)


Staff Author