283 - 01/03 - Pilotage problems - Maputo - Mozambique

Further to LP Bulletin 82 02/99 we have been informed of a recent incident at Maputo where a fully loaded ship contacted the quay after the pilot and the attending tug failed to take sufficient action to avert an incident. This cost the ship owner US150,000 in damages and delayed the ship for several days. The Port Authority would not accept a Club Letter of Undertaking but demanded cash or a bank guarantee that they could immediately draw on.We would like to remind Members of the reoccurring problems concerning pilotage in this area. Masters should be vigilant during any pilotage operations, especially during the berthing and un-berthing of ships. Pilotage is compulsory in Mozambique but as with the UK Pilotage Act the master is responsible at all times, even if the pilot is negligent.We have also been advised that the two harbour tugs at Maputo are very old, underpowered and unreliable. This has resulted in a number of incidents over the past few years where ships during manoeuvres have damaged quays and shore cranes. We advise all Members trading to this region to inform their operations departments of the above.Source of informationAlan ReidP&I Associates (Pty) Ltd.Tel: +27 31 368 5050Fax: +27 31 332 4455E-mail: pidurban@pandi.co.zaThrough:

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