293 - 03/03 - Political Unrest/Restricted Oil Output - Nigeria

The area in the region of Escravos/Warri has experienced considerable violent ethnic disruption over the last several years. This situation has been exacerbated in recent days due to forthcoming Presidential elections in Nigeria (April 2003). There have been many armed clashes between local tribesmen and Nigerian forces and more that 75 people, including soldiers, have been killed in March alone. Therefore any vessels in the region can expect to encounter difficulties. The local tribes are threatening to blow up oil terminals and the refinery and it has been reported that the Master of one vessel has been taken hostage. Very little protection can be expected from the Army or Navy and it is not recommended that any vessels berth until the situation has stabilised. The only facility still operating in the area at present is the SBM at Forcados.Correspondents are monitoring the situation but we strongly recommend that ship owners consult with their local agents before allowing vessels to approach the area.Source of information: 

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