294 - 03/03 - Enhanced Security Measures - Eastern Med/Middle East


The following notice has been issued by MARLO (the Maritime Liaison Office) in Bahrain about the safety of crews and vessels operating in the Arabian Gulf:

'Coalition naval forces may conduct military operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf. The timely and accurate identification of all vessels and aircraft in these areas is critical to avoid the inadvertent use of force.

All vessels are advised that Coalition naval forces are prepared to exercise appropriate measures in self-defense to ensure their safety in the event that vessels or aircraft approaches them. Coalition forces are prepared to respond defensively to any hostile acts or indications of hostile intent.

All maritime vessels or activities that are determined to be threats to Coalition naval forces will be subject to defensive measures, including boarding, seizure, disabling or destruction, without regard to registry or location.

Consequently, surface vessels, subsurface vessels and all aircraft approaching Coalition naval forces are advised to maintain radio contact on Bridge-to-Bridge Channel 16, International Air Distress (121.5 MHZ VHF) or Military Air Distress (243.0 MHZ UHF).

Vessels operating in the Middle East, eastern Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea and Arabian Gulf are subject to query, being stopped, boarded and searched by US/Coalition warships operating in support of operations against Iraq. 

Vessels found to be carrying contraband bound for Iraq or carrying and/or laying naval mines are subject to detention, seizure and destruction.

This notice is effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice'.

Please can all Members trading in these areas make all relevant personnel aware of the above.

Source of information: 

Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) Bahrain


Staff Author