298 - 04/03 - Caking/Compaction problems with sugar - Thailand

Further to LP Bulletin 246 - 05/02, which highlighted the caking and compaction problems with Thai refined sugar, we have been made aware of further problems concerning this commodity. A vessel which is currently loading refined sugar in Thailand has measured cargo temperatures of up to 43 degrees Celsius and it is believed that similar cargoes are being loaded to at least three other ships. In these cases the bagged sugar is unstable and will tend towards caking once the ambient temperature and relative humidity are reduced. 

Otherwise the sugar appears in good condition at the time of loading and is routinely shipped under a clean bill of lading. It is speculated that there is likelihood that sugar cargoes presently being loaded to vessels in a number of Thai ports could be subject to claims on discharge.

We would advise all ship’s masters to closely monitor the temperatures of sugar consignments presented for loading and treat with caution any bags showing temperatures above 35 degrees C. 

It should be emphasised however that this figure does not represent a definitive threshold, as consideration should be given to moisture content of the product and environmental temperature and humidity.

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