300 - 04/03 - Amended Traffic Separation Scheme - Ushant

We have been informed of a new Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS), off Ushant, which will enter into force on 1st May 2003, 0000 UTC/GMT. It is designed with two main traffic lanes. There is also a coastal two-way traffic route between La Hague Cape and the Gulf of Biscay that is authorised for coaster sailing only.

The objective of this new traffic scheme is to remove the dangerous maritime crossing points located in the northeast and the south of the current TSS. The shifting offshore of the traffic lanes will increase the maritime authorities' capability of reaction when facing an accident or a hazardous situation at sea.

For a few hours after enforcement, the area including the new and the former TSS will be subject to different navigation streams, with some ships transiting according to the former rules/ lanes, because they have entered the TSS before 1


May, 0000 UTC/GMT, and other vessels sailing according to the new lanes, as the result of entering the TSS after this time.

We have been advised that the French Hydrographical and Oceanographic Service (SHOM) and NAVTEX stations of Nitton (UK) and Corsen (France) will be issuing navigational warnings.

Seafarers are advised to keep a close watch on VHF 16 and 13 and to pay close attention to information and warning messages delivered by vessel traffic control systems.


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