304 - 05/03 - New Inspection Rules - Paris MOU


We have been advised that from the 22nd July 2003 tough new rules to target high risk ships will be introduced by the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Port State Control Members.

Expanded inspections (for details see Section 8 of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control, found on their website) will be carried out on tankers over 15 years, chemical and gas carriers over 10 years, bulk carriers over 12 years and passenger ships over 15 years.

These new inspections will be mandatory if 12 months have lapsed since the last expanded inspection by a Paris MOU port. If a ship is due for an expanded inspection the onus is on the owner to arrange an inspection at a Paris MOU port giving three days notice of arrival.

Ships with a target factor of 50 plus (the target calculator is available on their website under Target Factor), will be inspected if they have not been inspected at a Paris MOU port within the last month. The Paris MOU is also extending their banning policy.

All ships that are registered under flags on the Black List and considered "very high risk" or "high risk" will be refused access to all 19 member States' ports if they are detained twice in three years. For ships whose flags are considered to be in the lower risk category, they will be refused entry if they are detained three times in two years. Detentions from 22nd January 2002 will count towards a ban.

These bans may be lifted if the ship completes an expanded inspection at the owner's expense. The flag State and, where appropriate, class must also confirm that the ship complies with required standards.

Owners of ships carrying liquid or solid bulk cargoes must make sure that charterer information is available on board for the Port State inspectors to record.We have also been advised that a ship required under international rules to carry a functioning voyage data recorder may be detained if it is found not to be working properly.

We would advise all Members to note these new rules and to act accordingly.

Source of information:  www.parismou.org


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