308 - 06/03 - Fraudulent Bills of Lading for copper shipments - Dar Es Salaam - Tanzania

We have been advised of an increase found in fraudulent bills of lading originating from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, involving copper shipments.The criminals, apparently knowing the ship's arrival date, create a forged bill of lading showing the details of containers said to be laden with copper that have been loaded onboard the vessel at Dar es Salaam.To make the fraud more believable, they try to make the booking with the carrier's agent for the number of containers shown on the bill of lading and they present a false mining company document to confirm the origin of the copper. Once they have the documents, 

they try to sell the fictitious consignment to an unsuspected purchaser.

It is known that these fraudsters also operate from other ports where copper is exported. Carrier's agents should: (a)  Take every effort to protect original blank bills of lading to stop criminals gaining possession of them (b)  Be cautious when dealing with anyone unfamiliar who seeks to make a booking.Members should to be alert to this method of fraud. 

If in doubt, please contact Signum Services Ltd.

Source of information: 

Signum Services Ltd

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