319 - 08/03 - Recommendation for Cargo Tallies - Steel Cargoes - Russia


We have been advised of an increasing number of shortage claims on steel shipments from Russian ports. It is thought these claims are caused by the load ports' position in respect of cargo tallies.

The ports, especially Ilyichevsk, now demand that where there has been no independent tally of the cargo, the master must sign 'clean' documents. Even if the ship arranges for a tally to be carried out by the crew, the master will be required to sign the relevant tally sheets, mate's receipts and bills of lading without any remarks concerning cargo quantity such as "Quantity unknown", "Quantity as per Shipper's declaration", "Quantity as per tally figure" and "said to be". At Ilyichevsk, masters are informed of this requirement in writing and have to sign their acceptance of the relevant letter.

Consequently when a shortage occurs at the discharge port, the consignee claims losses from the ship and owners have no defence to their claims.

We advise Members of this situation and recommend they inform their operations departments of the need to arrange for a tally count by independent tally teams when loading steel in Russia.

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