322 - 09/03 - Reminder of Boycott Rules - Lebanon

We have been advised of an increasing numbers of cases where ships have been prosecuted for violations of the Lebanese boycott rules.The rules prohibit Arab citizens from dealing with both Israeli public and private entities. Ships calling at Israeli ports are generally prohibited from trading with Arab ports and may be blacklisted by the Central Bureau for the Boycott of Israel.Initially these cases were restricted to ships that were already blacklisted. However Lebanese judicial authorities are now prosecuting non-blacklisted ships that have made previous calls to Israel. In a recent case the master and the shipowners were prosecuted. The prosecution was based on port call details posted on the Internet, showing that the vessel had visited Israeli ports four times since 1998.Members should note that the process for de-blacklisting the vessel and the release of the ship and cargo entails a complicated administrative and judicial procedure, which may cause significant delays to the vessel.Members who are intending to trade into Lebanese ports should check, in writing, with the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Commerce to confirm whether their ship is blacklisted. Contact details for the Ministry are given below:The Ministry of Economy and Trade Bldg.

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