328 - 10/03 - New Petroleum Coke Cleanliness Requirements - USA

We have been advised that more stringent cleanliness requirements have been established for ships proposing to load Petroleum Coke (Petcoke) in the US Gulf.As the result of holds being rejected for cleanliness, one firm of surveyors in Texas has issued guidelines to ships proposing to load Petcoke in Texan ports. One such recommendation states:"A vessel must arrive with cargo compartments, including hatch covers, clean, dry, ready to load, free of any previous cargo residue, loose rust and/or paint scale"When loading Petcoke, holds must be as clean as for loading a grain cargo - although there is no reference to 'grain clean' or FGIS cleanliness requirements in charters. Prior to loading the compartments will be examined in detail and a certificate issued stating that the accessible areas were found clean and free of previous cargo residue, rust scale, moisture and other physical contaminants.We advise Members that all the major shippers have endorsed this new regulation. Please inform your chartering and operations departments accordingly.Source of information: 

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