333 - 11/03 - New Resolution of the Spanish Maritime Authorities (DGMM)


On Oct 29th 2003 the Spanish DGMM established a new internal rule that applies to vessels maneuvering in Spanish ports.

As from November 1st 2003, the Maritime Authority (Capitania Maritima) is entitled to fine and/or detain a ship over 500 GT, irrespective of flag, during maneuvering (mooring, unmooring and/or any other own propelled movement inside port waters), if the master is not assisted by a properly qualified officer and/or crew member.

This resolution will be enforced whether a pilot is onboard or not and the pilots are obliged to immediately notify the Maritime Authorities whenever this rule is not complied with.

Under the Spanish legislation, Act 27/1922, amended by Act 62/199, the resulting sanction is classified as "severe" and "top severe". A maximum fine of Euro 180,304 (approx US$214,886) and Euro 901,518 (approx US$1,074,429) can be levied.

The Centre of Services' Coordination (CCRS) is obliged to give this information via radio to all ships operating within a Spanish port.

We advise all Members to be fully aware of the above and to inform their masters accordingly.

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