338 - 12/03 - Implementation of Checks for Valid International Ship Security Certificates - Worldwide


We have been advised that from the 1st January 2004, ships visiting ports in the Paris MOU region will be issued with a 'Letter of Warning (LOW) if the International Ship Security Certificate is not available onboard. The LOW will be recorded in the Paris MOU information system.

During such visits the ship's master will be informed of the need to comply with the Code prior to 1st July 2004. This includes having certification and a security system implemented on board. The full notice is available on the Paris MOU website.

We have also been advised that all US flagged ships must submit their security plans to the US coastguard for review by 31st December 2003 and that the US coastguard will perform port state control boardings from the beginning of January.

These boardings, which are informational and not for enforcement, are in order to review a ship's progress in complying with the Code and to inform the ship operator of the Coast Guard's process for reviewing the ship's security practices.

We advise Members of the above and recommend they make their ships' masters and operation departments aware.

Sources of informationParis MOU

World Shipping Council

through P Bush (TM, New Jersey)


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