TB7 - OWS pipe removal


Brazilian Port State Control Officers are becoming more vigilant

We have been advised that Brazilian Port State Control are becoming more vigilant in their inspections regarding the oily water separator (OWS).

In a recent incident, the Port State Control Officers insisted that the pipe from the OWS to the overboard discharge valve was removed by ships staff for a closer inspection. Although nothing abnormal was found and the section of pipe was replaced, no written evidence was retained onboard clearly stating that the pipe had been removed under the instruction of the Port State Control.

In its present condition with indications of possible tampering, there is cause for concern that Port State Control Inspectors in other ports may wrongly assume that the ship has been pumping oil overboard and bypassing the OWS.

It is suggested that if Port State Control insist on the removal of any section of pipe that is connected to the OWS or overboard valve then an official entry is made in the log book and preferably a comment made on the PSC inspection form by the attending Port State Control inspector.

Photographic evidence with the attending Port State Control Inspector clearly in the picture will also help to defend the ship against any false accusations.

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