TB9 - Chart Corrections


“Nautical charts and nautical publications, such as sailing directions, lists of lights,notices to mariners,tide tables and all other nautical publications necessary for the intended voyage should be adequate and up-to-date.”

The Club’s Inspectors frequently visit ships where corrections to navigational charts are not being carried out in the correct maner, or find the officer whose responsibility it is has had little training in this important task.

Chart correction should be approached and carried out in a professional manner. The officer responsible should have the correct equipment and references to hand. The correct equipment should include pens and ink. Ballpoint pens and correction fluid should not be used on navigational charts.

It is recommended that a Chart Correction Log is used, several versions are available, including the Admiralty publication NP 133A. This publication contains audit pages to record the receipt of weekly notices to mariners and an index to check notices to mariners against all Admiralty charts.

Notices to mariners Should be supplied by owners/managers directly to the vessel on a regular basis. This can be done via a chart correction agency who will also supply new editions of charts, supplements to sailing directions (pilot books) and other new publications when they become available.

Notices to mariners as well as tracings can be obtained through computer e-mail, if the ship has the relevant software. A wealth of information is contained with in the notices, as well as the chart corrections, there are corrections to nautical publications, including Lists of Lights, Lists of Radio Signals and Admiralty Sailing Directions.

There are also temporary notices as well as information regarding new editions of charts and publications. Chart agencies can also supply tracings to accompany the weekly notices to mariners. Although these have been around for almost 30 years, they are still not universally recognised.

They are easy to use and save the chart corrector a lot of work, however he or she must have an understanding of their use. One Inspector recently visited a ship where the tracings were being glued to the chart!

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