341 - 01/04 - Security Checkpoint Procedures - Iraq

Further to LP Bulletin 294 03/03 which gave details of enhanced security measures for vessels operating in the Arabian Gulf, we would like to advise Members of the following notice, issued by MARLO (the Maritime Liaison Office) in Bahrain about Iraq maritime security checkpoint procedures:

'Following the removal of the former Iraqi regime, UNSCR (UN Security Council Resolution) 1483 terminated all trade sanctions against Iraq except the import of arms and related material. Coalition maritime forces continue to enforce this remaining sanction while conducting broader maritime law enforcement and security operations in Iraqi waters. The former UN checkpoint at 29-12N/049-20E has been disestablished and a new checkpoint established to the north to be more convenient to Iraq-bound shipping.

Vessels bound for or departing from Iraqi ports and offshore oil terminals must pass within a five nautical mile radius of latitude twenty-nine degrees thirty-five minutes north and longitude forty-eight degrees fifty-three minutes east (29-35N/048-53E). Approaching vessels must contact the on station coalition warship on marine VHF (bridge-to-bridge) radio-telephone, channel 16 within five nautical miles of this point and be prepared to be queried, boarded, and inspected for prohibited cargo by coalition Maritime Security Forces (MSF). Vessels will not be permitted to proceed from this point until cleared by the MSF. Clearance through the Iraqi maritime security checkpoint does not grant clearance to enter any specific Iraqi port or the internal waters of Iraq; such clearances must be obtained from appropriate authorities in Iraq'.

All Members trading in this area make relevant personnel aware of the above.

Source of information: 

Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) Bahrain


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