342 - 01/04 - Updated Regulations for Entry into Peruvian Waters

Further to LP Bulletin 288 02/03 which detailed the regulations of entry into Peruvian territorial waters, we would like to advise Members of the updated means in which to notify the Maritime Authority of the ships intention to enter of leave Peruvian waters. Issued by the Harbour Master of Callao, in letter V200-3355 December 2003, all reports should be sent to: Email  DICATRAMAR@MARINA.MIL.PETelex 


Fax +51 1 4291547OrEmail  COSTERACALLAO@MARINA.MIL.PEFax +51 1 4200177No other stations will be accepted. Fines of US$15,000 to US$20,000 are typically issued for ships passing messages through the wrong stations.It should also be noted that several ships have been fined after using stations published in the Admiralty List of Radio Signals, as due to the frequency of changes the publication can be temporarily out of date. 

We advise shipmasters to request updated information from the local agents.

We advise all Members to be fully aware of the above and to inform their ships’ masters accordingly. Source of information: 

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