355 - 04/04 - New Cases of Off Specification Cargoes - Singapore


We have been advised of several recent incidents where several ships have been delayed prior to discharging their cargoes of unleaded petroleum (ULP). Samples taken of recent cargoes loaded in Singapore have indicated that they were off specification.

In one case the samples taken onboard showed the presence of particulates. Arrangements were made for joint samples to be taken. The report revealed the following:

1) Dead-bottom samples were taken from all cargo tanks containing ULP.

2) It was confirmed that the cargo was off specification due to the presence of particulates that were semi-transparent and only visible in the dead-bottom samples.

3) The ship's previous cargo was also ULP that had been loaded at Shanghai for discharge at Singapore.

4) The cargo in dispute had been loaded at Singapore. None of the quality certificates issued in respect of the cargo at Singapore made mention of the particulates.

5) We understand that there have reportedly been two or three other ULP cargoes recently discharged which have been found to be off specification also on account of particulates. In each case, the cargo had been loaded from the same cargo shore tank in Singapore. One of the possible explanations being investigated is that the problem may be due to the growth of organisms in the shore tank which only become apparent once the product settles during the course of a voyage.

The last ship with a problem of this type was delayed for more than two weeks. As a result, the master was asked to serve a 'Note of Protest' on the charterers.

We inform all Members of the above and advise them to inform their ships' masters and operations departments accordingly.

Source of information: Loss Prevention Department


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