356 - 04/04 - Regulations for the Requirement of Manifests for All Cargo Onboard on Arrival at a Peruvian Port - Peru


We have been advised that according to Peruvian Customs Regulations any ship arriving at a Peruvian port must have onboard the cargo manifests relating to all loaded cargo, including those for cargoes in transit.

Without these manifests the cargo will be seized by customs and discharged from the vessel even if the cargo manifests are presented afterwards. There is a presumption according to law that any unmanifested cargo is being smuggled.

At present, there is an aggressive campaign promoted by the Peruvian Government against smuggling which is leading to the customs authorities being far tougher on this issue.

During the last few months customs have confiscated containers belonging to various shipping lines which were in transit through Callao, as the required cargo manifests were not onboard when the ship arrived at the port.

The last case involves 438 containers in transit through Callao which arrived onboard a ship without the manifest being available. This resulted in all 438 containers being seized by customs and the ship being detained, even though the required documents were presented afterwards.

We advise Members to inform ships' masters and their commercial departments to ensure all manifests relating to all loaded cargo, including cargo in transit, are onboard when arriving at a Peruvian port. 

Source of information: 

Interlog Servicios S.A.C

Lima, Peru




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