TB10 - ER Sounding Pipes


Sounding pipes are frequently found in the open position

During both ship inspections and condition surveys, engine room double bottom tank sounding pipes are frequently found to be in the open position.

Sounding pipe closing devices are important to the vessel’s safety and should remain closed at all times, together with the ‘caps’ in place, except for routine soundings.

It is commonly found that the ‘deadman’ weight has been removed, reversed, or lashed open. With spring-loaded types the springs are often also removed. Sounding rods/tapes or funnels are frequently found to be left inside the open sounding pipe for ease of operation, or for dumping of residues back into the tanks via the sounding pipes.

This practice can potentially place the vessel in a hazardous situation:

● Flooding of the engine room due to overfilling of tanks or the breaching of the hull in the area of the tanks. ● Sinking due to the flooding being uncontrollable.

● Flash fire caused by oil spill through the sounding pipe coming into contact with hot machinery or exhausts.

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