416 - 06/05 - Scrap/Waste Imports - China

A recent incident highlights the need for Members to be aware that when shipping plastic scraps, metal scraps and other wastes to China, the shipper must be registered to do so. Without a registration certificate, such cargoes cannot be cleared through Chinese Customs as per import regulations on scrap which came into force 08 May 2004.

In cases where a certificate is not provided, containers will normally be detained by the Customs Office who would require either the return of the containers to the loading port or will destroy the cargo together with the carrying containers by melting or burning and the Customs Office or local quarantine authority would likely hold the shipping line liable for the costs incurred. This may include storage costs at a depot, containers' detention and other charges.

The Chinese authorities are unlikely to destroy the cargo/containers in China due to the impact on the environment.

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