431 - 09/05 - Galley Garbage Segregation - Worldwide

Reports from ship masters, during ship inspections, reveal that Port State Control Inspectors are appearing more vigilant in their inspections of garbage segregation on board ship, with individual bins in the galley and pantry areas being singled out for closer inspection.In one incident on board a UK Club vessel, a Port State Control Inspector donned a pair of rubber gloves before rummaging through the contents of the galley food waste bin. Regrettably the galley staff on this ship had not been segregating the garbage as required by Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 regulations, and the Port State Control Inspector found plastic, paper and bottles in the bin clearly marked Galley Food Waste Only. Corrective action, immediately taken by ships staff, averted an embarrassing situation and possible prosecution. The following photographs are recent examples of galley garbage segregation seen on board during ship inspections.


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