441 - 11/05 - IMDG Code Amendments - Worldwide

Errata to the IMDG CodeMembers should be aware that the IMO have published an errata to Amendment 32-04 of the IMDG Code. Users of the printed Code should manually update copies; and users of the electronic Code can download an update from the IMO website link below. While many of the changes are editorial corrections to the text, there are some substantive corrections:

· There are no new UN numbers, but there is one new entry in the Dangerous Goods List (DGL) as UN 3100

· There are numerous other changes to the DGL, mostly to the tank and IBC provisions and the marine pollutant value

· Packing instruction P112(a) no longer applies to UN 0153 so it no longer exists in the solid wetted form

· UN 2253, N,N-DIMETHYLANILINE is no longer listed as an acid. UN2353, BUTYRYL CHLORIDE is listed as an acid

· UN 3130, WATER-REACTIVE LIQUID, TOXIC, N.O.S., packing group II, if under deck, needs to be in a mechanically ventilated space

· UN 3457, CHLORONITROTOLUENES, SOLID need to be segregated as for class 5.1 but 'away from' classes 4.1, 5.1 and 7

· With special provisions, 293 is replaced with its correct text, and 306 is reinstated.

Amendment 32-04

Amendment 32-04 (2004 edition of the Code) becomes mandatory on 01 January 2006, replacing Amendment 31-02 (2002 edition of the Code). The IMO publishes a new Amendment to the IMDG Code every two years, incorporating changes approved by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC). The chart below shows the sequence of these amendments.


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