TB16 - Enclosed Lifeboat Davits


Attaching large weights or handles to the remote brake wire is dangerous.

The Club’s ship inspectors have recently visited vessels where it has been noted that ships with totally enclosed lifeboats are attaching large weights or handles inside the boat to the remote brake wire.

This is a dangerous practice and unless this weight or handle can be quickly and safely removed once the boat is waterborne the fitting of these additional devices will cause problems for the safe evacuation of the lifeboat from the ship side.

The remote brake wire is designed to pass through a small hole in the conning tower. Any eyes spliced at the end of the release wire or weights or handles attached will restrict the wires ‘free’ release and endanger lives.

It has also been noticed that some boats have a short piece of plastic tubing on the end of the brake wire, for a more comfortable use by the operator. In some cases this tubing has become caught on the inside of the conning tower as the wire passes through the hole. If this is the case then it is advisable to remove this plastic tubing as it is an obstruction to the safe and efficient operation of the lifeboat.

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