457 - 03/06 - Further Stowaway Incidents - Brazil


UK Club Loss Prevention Bulletin 141 advised of preventative measures to assist ship operators and their masters in reducing cases of stowaways. This was followed by Loss Prevention Bulletin 367 issued in June 2004, informing of cases concerning stowaways hiding in ships' rudder housing, specifically with ships coming from African ports in ballast to load sugar in Brazil.

After another recent incident involving stowaways using a ship's rudder housing as a hiding place, the Club, once again, wishes to alert ship operators to this problem.

In the most recent case, the ship in question sailed in ballast from Monrovia, Liberia to Santos, Brazil, a 7-8 day sea voyage. When the boat carrying the agent and officers from the Santos Port Health Authority arrived at the ship, a total of 20 stowaways came out of their hiding place in the ship's rudder trunk housing. As often in such cases, none of the stowaways carried any means of identification and all appeared to be economic migrants.

The Brazilian Federal police adhere to strict procedures for ships arriving at Brazilian ports with stowaways on board. Stowaways will be medically examined and blood and urine samples taken for the testing for malaria, since this is mandatory for stowaways arriving without Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates. If malaria is found to be present, then the ship will not be granted free pratique and will be placed in quarantine for a 6-10 day period until the Authorities are satisfied that all is in order. A fine will also be levied for bringing stowaways into the country without the required Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates.


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