464 - 04/06 - Illegal Export of Logs - Indonesia

The Association has been made aware of new regulations affecting ships carrying hardwood logs from Indonesia, which affect ships found to be carrying illegal timber.

The Joint Decree issued by the Indonesian Authorities replaces a 2003 decree and brings the law into line with the 1999 Forestry Law. The 1999 Forestry Law states that

all parties involved in the transportation of illegal timber must be detained for investigation.

The 2003 Decree is now repealed and is replaced by the Joint Decree which provides that with immediate effect ships found to be carrying illegal timber will be impounded, irrespective of whether or not the operator of the ship knew the cargo was illegal. In fact this has been happening for some time, but the Joint Decree gives this action legal effect.

Members requiring further information should contact the Club's correspondent Spica Jakarta or Spica Singapore.

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