474 - 06/06 - Container Cargo Crime - Worldwide


The UK Club's Signum Services notes an increase in container cargo shortage incidents involving the use of counterfeit container seals, in some ports.

A number of incidents have recently been noted which appear to involve the use of counterfeit bolt seals found on containers loaded in China. In one case the consignee retained the seal and examination revealed it was engraved with a serial number and the brand name 'Locktainer'. Universeal (manufacturers of 'Locktainer' seals) confirmed it is not one of their products and state that it is counterfeit.

The same consignee had previously taken delivery of two other containers where shortages were identified. Unfortunately the seals involved were not retained but they are believed to have been counterfeit as well.

The importance that seals are retained in container crime incidents cannot be overstated. Examination of container seals in these cases greatly improves the chance of a recovery being made. Members are asked that if they experience container crime incidents that the container seals are retained for examination.

In addition, colour photographs illustrating the incident should be forwarded to Signum Services for further information and advice.


Staff Author