483 - 08/06 - Control of Emissions from Ships - Europe


On 11 August 2006 the European Union (EU) Directive 2005/33 Control of Emissions from Ships came into force adding to the legislation under Marpol Annex VI.

The Directive limits the sulphur content of residual fuels to a maximum of 1.5% for all passenger ships operating on regular services to or from any European Community port. This being in addition to Marpol Annex VI which limits sulphur to a maximum of 1.5% for all ships trading in the Baltic Sea.

At the same time the new EU directive modifies MDO (marine diesel oils) sulphur limits previously set out in Directive 1999/32. Under this Directive all marine distillate fuels (Marine Diesel Oils and Gas Oils) were classed as marine gas oils and ships in EU ports were only to use distillate fuels with sulphur content below 0.2%

Under the new Directive ships may consume MDO (marine diesel oil - grades DMB and DMC in ISO 8217) with sulphur content up to 1.5%. The sulphur limit for gas oil (DMA) remains at 0.2%.

This amendment will mean that ships in EU waters and ports may burn MDO with a maximum sulphur content of 1.5%, which is more in line with Marpol Annex VI. However, ship owners should still take care to ensure that if they consume marine gas oil that the sulphur content does not exceed 0.2%.

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