490 - 10/06 - Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Canada


Transport Canada has issued proposals for a ticketing scheme, which will provide enforcement officers with a new tool to help implement the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act 1992 and its Regulations.

Composed of common offences to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992, S.C. 1991-92, c.34 and its Regulations, the proposal includes fixed penalties ranging from C$300 up to C$1,000 for a number of contraventions under the Act, including:

· failing to comply with all the applicable safety requirements

· failing to carry all the applicable documents with a dangerous goods shipment

· failing to use the proper packaging

· failing to display the applicable safety mark

· failing to report incidents.

Inspectors authorised to enforce the Act have various enforcement tools they may use to ensure compliance. While situations may differ, the most important factor in determining an enforcement response is the effectiveness of the response in securing future compliance.

Currently, the primary available enforcement tool, prosecution in court, is seen as too severe for minor infractions.

Visit the Transport Canada website www.tc.gc.ca/tdg/ticketing/menu.htm for full details of the contraventions and proposed fines.

Source of information:

Transport Canada

Ottawa, Canada

Tel: +1 888 675 6863


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