522 - 04/07 - River Plate Maximum Draft- Argentina


The Association reported to Members, through Loss Prevention Bulletin 480 in July 2006, a large number of groundings in the Rio Parana/River Plate. The following guidance has been provided by the route and manoeuvring advisor to the Argentine Coastguard.

Through its Notice No. 273/2006 (SNAV NA9), the Argentine Coastguard recommends a maximum draft of thirty-four feet. This suggests that the channel is maintained to its original intended draft, as the Hidrovía SA waterway concessionaire has written that the channel was designed, built and beaconed for ships with a draft up to thirty-four feet (10.36m).

Due to the lack of anchorages with adequate depths, the acquired experience and studies performed by the Cámara de Actividades de Practicaje y Pilotaje, it is highly recommended that ships intending to navigate the channel apply strict adherence to the maximum draft recommendation.

It is considered that a ship with a draft exceeding 10.60 metres will find it difficult to maintain a minimum under-keel clearance, particularly at the anchorage of the denominated "Common Zone".

While the maximum draft stated here is not compulsory, any ship wishing to adopt a larger draft will require authorisation to do so by the Maritime Authority, in compliance with pilot duties set forth by the Law of Navigation No. 20094.

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