523 - 05/07 - Claims Handling Advice - Aden - Yemen


Further to bulletin 521 the Club has been advised by its correspondent in Aden that the Port Authority of Aden, under the aegis of the Aden Governor, has formed a committee ‘Special Committee for Settlement of Cargo Claims’. The Committee has been formed as a check point on bogus claims and also to avoid the frequent arrests of vessels. The Governor’s resolutions are as follows:

1. The alleged damaged cargo must remain within the Port premises for segregation and survey by an independent surveyor appointed by the Committee jointly with the Quality Control Inspector. The cost of the committee's surveyor is to be shared by both the Committee and the receiver/complaining party.

2. If a cargo leaves the port area no claim for damage will be entertained by the Courts.

3. The receiver has the right to accept or refuse the report of the Committee's surveyor and file the claim in the Court.

4. The arrest order will not be issued unless the applicant receiver deposits a sum equivalent to 25% of the alleged claim with the Court as security.

It is hoped that with the involvement of this committee, claims will be settled in a faster and fairer manner and unwanted arrests of ships will reduce.

Recent UK Club experience of this committee is very promising, for further details please contact the loss prevention department.

Source of information: 

Mr Satyajith Warrier

Gulf Agency Co (Yemen) LtdTel : +967 2247161Email : pandi.yemen@gacworld


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