534 - 07/07 - Political and Civil unrest - Lebanon


The Lloyd's Marine Intelligence Unit Casualty Reporting Service reports that sporadic fighting in Nahr al-Bared between the Lebanese Army and Fatah al-Islam is discouraging tankers from unloading fuel oil at the Beddawi power plants.

The Club's local correspondent in Lebanon has confirmed that all other Lebanese oil terminals are operating normally without any problem whatsoever.

Intense fighting is currently taking place between the Lebanese Army and Fateh Al-Islam militants in the Nahr Al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in North Lebanon. Reports indicate that this is the final phase of the military operation in taking control in all refugee camp territories.

The Club's local correspondent advises that any ship planning to call at Deir Ammar should proceed to the anchorage, which is near Tripoli Port, and await the end of the fighting or re-direction by authorities to Zahrani. Ships will be perfectly safe at the anchorage and will be supported by the Lebanese Navy.

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