542 - 09/07 - Enforcement of marine environment protection regulations - Yemen

The Maritime Affairs Authority (MAA), a branch of Yemen's Ministry of Transport, Hodeidah branch has notified maritime interests that it is in the process of applying measures to monitor ships to ensure their compliance with the law of marine environment protection No. 16 (2004).

For the purpose of controlling oil pollution and protection of the marine environment, the MAA have been, since 15 July 2007, arresting violating ships and applying measures against them.

Ships will be selected at random for inspection at Yemeni ports and terminals. MAA inspectors will want to see oil record books and oil residue receipts issued at the last port of call. These will be compared with the content of slop tanks on board in order to ascertain whether or not waste oil has been discharged into Yemen's territorial water, Economic Zone, Continental Shelf, and Exclusive Zone.

Source of information:

Maritime Affairs Authority, Hodeidah branch

Ministry of Transport for the Republic of Yemen

Tel: +967 3 222 095




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