559 - 12/07 - Unrest in Karachi - Pakistan

The country of Pakistan has seen days of riots following the death of the Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto.

In Karachi, capital of Ms Bhutto's native Sindh province, thousands took to the streets, torching dozens of vehicles and buildings. A senior police official said "there is trouble almost everywhere".

Having checked with the Harbour Master's of Karachi Port and Port Qasim, the Club's local correspondent advises that there has been no disruption at all to the in-bound and out-bound movement of ships, or in the loading and discharging of cargoes; both ports are functioning normally.

Although everything is normal inside the ports, life in the city of Karachi has been totally paralysed due to widespread agitation. The government has declared three days of official mourning and all offices are therefore closed. Army personnel are supplementing the police to maintain law and order. Domestic flights to and from the port city of Karachi completely stopped for two days but flights have now resumed.

In view of the law and order situation in the city it is not advisable for crew members to leave the port and any joining/repatriation of crew members is not advisable until the situation improves.

Source of information:

Indemnis Marine (PVT) Ltd

Capt. Saiyid Hashim Mujtaba

Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: +92 21 534 1042




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