561 - 1/08 - Accident Reporting - South Africa

The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has circulated a Marine Notice concerning the amended obligation on ship owners, masters and shore contractors to report casualties, accidents and serious injuries as required in terms of section 259 of the Merchant Shipping Act No. 57 of 1951.

The latest notice amends the previous 1992 notice on the reporting of accidents.

Section 259 lists certain events which must be reported to SAMSA. The section applies to South African flagged ships and to foreign flagged ships. Where a South African flagged ship was involved, the event must be reported to SAMSA irrespective of where it occurred. An event involving a foreign flagged ship need only be reported to SAMSA while the ship is within South Africa or its territorial waters and if the event occurred during a voyage to a South African port or within South Africa or its territorial waters.


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