Correspondents advise that since 11 January 2007, substantial improvements have been seen in the management of Chittagong Port. Turnaround times have improved, berthing delays have disappeared, and theft and pilferage considerably reduced.

Correspondents however are still recommending tallies of bagged cargo. Such tallies have to be lawful and acceptable to the court. They must therefore be performed by a licensed tally contractor. The Chittagong Port Authority requires that:

"No person or body of persons shall work as a tally contractor on or about any vessel in the port without a license from the Authority"


Members should check with their agents that only authorised tally contractors are used in this port; if unauthorised tally men are used, Members could find themselves in difficulty should disputes arise and end up in court.

Source of information:

Mr B K Chowdhury

JF (Bangladesh) Limited


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