585 - 6/08 - Update: Movement of Dangerous Goods during the Olympic Games - China


With shipping lines becoming anxious over ambiguous special requirements during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the Club's local correspondent has collated the following information:

“Carriage of Hazardous Cargo

Monitoring of the movement of hazardous cargoes will certainly be heightened, and the shipping of a number of specified hazardous commodities to most Chinese ports will not be allowed during a defined time period.

Loss Prevention Bulletin 581 alerted Members to a notice issued by the Shanghai MSA on 20 May 2008, the main points of which are quoted below:

  1. During the period 15 June 2008 to 10 October 2008 monitoring of the safe carriage of hazardous cargo by sea, as well as anti-pollution activities, will be enhanced.
  2. During this period, vessels carrying hazardous cargo should follow the requirements outlined in Shanghai MSA Notice No. 275 (2005) which concerns the safe carriage of hazardous liquid goods in bulk by sea, including regulations with regard to the control of age and type of ships. Vessels are also required to fulfil necessary convoy measures. 
  3. During the period 20 July to 31 August 2008 the following restrictions shall apply:
  1. Approval will not be given for any of the following operations:
  1. Entry and operation of ships carrying radioactive, explosive, or toxic cargo
  2. Hold cleaning with crude oil in port iii. Lustrating air operations in port. 

b. Precautionary control will be carried out on ships carrying hazardous liquid goods in bulk.

Ships requiring entry into port during the restriction period, carrying hazardous liquid cargoes in bulk other than those classed as radioactive, explosive, or toxic, will be allowed entry/exit under close monitoring by the MSA and with strict compliance with regulatory measures.

Such vessels can only expect approval for entry and exit during the restriction period if the cargo owners and related port operation organisations submit, in writing to the MSA, the movement schedule, emergency contact list, and precautionary plan for the ship before 15 July 2008.


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