623 - 2/09 - Piracy Attack - Brass/Pennington Oil Terminal - Nigeria

The Association has just made available, to Members trading in the Gulf of Aden area, "Piracy -The East Africa/Somalia Situation" a booklet aimed at providing practical information to assist seafarers faced with piracy. Members should contact their Club representative for copies.

Piracy is not just confined to the Somalia region though, the following is a first hand report of an incident which happened earlier this week on a Member's vessel off the coast of Nigeria.

This is a master's actual first hand report on the circumstances of an armed attack on February 10th, 2009, off Pennington Oil Terminal.


1) The vessel loaded from Brass terminal a cargo of crude oil and sailed on February 10th 2009 at about 1500 hours on a course for Tema, Ghana.

2) At 19:05 LT : in position Lat: 05 59 N - Long: 005 47 E and southeast of Pennington terminal Nigeria, (the nearest shore was about 22 miles) the normal route that vessels always tracking, The OOW & lookout sailors noticed a small fast craft approaching the vessel from starboard quarter with estimated 10 heavily armed pirates attempted to stop and board the vessel and shouted by loud speaker to stop ship immediately or they will blow the ship and they started shooting with heavy ammunitions.


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