626 - 3/09 - Container Terminal - Taipei - Taiwan (update)


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Bulletin 624- 2/09- New Container Terminal - Taipei - Taiwan.

Keelung Harbour Bureau Taipei have issued the following circular :-

“Container Terminal of Taipei Port (Berth Nos. N3 and N4) which started operational trials from 18th February will commence formal operation on 9th March for container vessels.  The relevant navigation information is provided as follows:1.  The port authority has coordinated with the Navy Meteorological Oceanographic Office, R.O.C. to allocate the sea charts of Taipei port (chart Nos. 0354, 0354A, 04512).  It is expected that these charts will be available as from 5th March from the supply companies provided below and new charts (same version) will be published next week.




Seasafe Marine Supply Co.

6F., No.2, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Taipei City, Taiwan


Seasafe Marine Supply Co. Keelung branch

7F.-9, No.107, Jhongjheng Rd., Keelung City, Taiwan


Min-Li Co.

No.39, Yanping St., Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Ship Bridge Co.

No.17-1, Binhai 1st Rd., Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Hong Yunn Sea Professional Co.

No.198-1, Datong 1st Rd., Sinsing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


2.  The pilot information for Taipei Port is provided as follows:

Pilot station of Taipei Port

N2510 , E12120

Pilot office of Taipei Port

Director: Capt. T.C. Ann

Address 9th fl., No.123, Shang kang Rd, Bali Township, Taipei County, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-26196291

Mobile: +886-933294232

Fax: +886-2-86301719

E-mail address: taipeipilot2008@yahoo.com.tw

E-mail address

Radio: CH12, CH14

Pilot: Capt. T.C. Ann, Mobile: +886-932307790

  Capt. C.M. Ho, Mobile: +886-937906723

  Capt. Y.L. Chen, Mobile: +886-911273272

3.  In order to enhance ships navigation service and ships sailing safety as well as provision of required information and assistance, the port has produced a booklet of “The Taipei Port Vessel Traffic Service Manual” in Chinese which can be downloaded at http:/www.tpport.gov).  The English version will be available shortly.

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Harbor Bureau Taipei Branch Bureau3.March.2009”

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Loss Prevention Department


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