637 - 5/09 - Garbage disposal restrictions - Mediterranean

The Association would like to take this opportunity to remind its Members of the new garbage disposal restrictions in the Mediterranean under Annex V of the MARPOL convention.

On 1


of May 2009, the Mediterranean Sea became a special area under MARPOL Annex V (Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Garbage from Ships). The Mediterranean had long been designated a special area under Annex V but it has taken time for the regulations to come into effect due to the lack of disposal facilities in all member states within the area.

The new regulations prohibit the disposal of all plastics, including but not limited to synthetic ropes, synthetic fishing nets and plastic garbage bags; and all other garbage, including paper products, rags, glass metal, bottles, crockery, dunnage, lining and packing materials.

Food wastes may be discharged but only when the vessel is as far as practicable from the nearest land.

No discharge shall take place within twelve nautical miles of the coast.

Vessels should dispose of garbage ashore into the appropriate reception facilities; if such facilities are not available the garbage should be retained onboard until the next port or discharged as per MARPOL regulations once outside the special area.

Source of information:

International Maritime Organisation



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