639 - 5/09 - Testing of Fuel Sulphur Content - Naples -Italy


It has been brought to the attention of the Association that vessels moored in the Port of Naples shall be subject to fuel sulphur testing.

The aim of the testing initiative is to ensure that all vessels are complying with fuel sulphur requirements in the area, vessels will be tested on a spot basis as well as during Port State Control inspections.

Fuel samples will only be taken from service tanks and all samples will be sent to the Chamber of Commerce Chemical laboratory, the cost of each test is fixed at €42.00 and will be debited through the agent.

The current regulatory requirements for vessels navigating in territorial waters and berthed in port are as follows:

Up to 31/12/2009

- Gas Oil Sulphur percentage max. 0.20%

- Fuel Oil

o For passenger ships in liner service (non cruise ships), both Italian and foreign, Sulphur percentage of max. 1.50%.

o All other vessels, Sulphur percentage of max. 4.50%

From 01/01/2010

- All fuels, with no distinction for all types of vessels, will have to have a Sulphur percentage of max. 0.10%

Vessels found to be in breach of the regulations shall be subject to a fine of between €15,000 and €150,000 as well as the possibility of banning the Master and/or company from all Italian ports.

Source of information:

Holme & Co S.r.l.



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